Celebrate 100 Posts by Voting for Meeee!

Wow! 100 posts! The time does seem to have flown by! From my first post on a full Indian dinner to today's frosting-cover post, it has been a pleasure to write (mostly) and design (mostly) this lovely little blog. Here's hoping to many, many more posts!

And what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a little shameless self-promotion? My Couch Peanut cupcakes are up against many other delectable ice cream cupcakes in the Cupcake Project / Scoopalicious' 2nd Annual Ice Cream Cupcake Contest. While Stef, Bethany, and Tina are busy trying to decide the winner (a job I am not envious for), the contest is open for anyone and everyone to vote for their favorites, and of course I'd appreciate your vote! Remember, a vote for Couch Peanut cupcakes is a vote for peanut butter chocolate ice cream goodness!

Of course, there are also a lot of a-ma-zing cupcakes out there that deserve a look-over (and drool-over), so check it out! Vote here: voting ends June 7, and winners to be announced next week.


  1. Woot! Vote early and often!

  2. You are really getting into that Chicago-style spirit of politics, eh?