The Incompetent Chef: Sweet Potato Duel

DING DING!! DING DING!!! LAAAAADIES and GENtlemen! Welcome to the main event! The rumble you've aaaaall been waiting for!

In this corner.... the challenger, standing 5'3", 1 year of cooking experience and not a single grease fire.... Kendall "the Krusher"!!!!

Aaaand in this corner.... the undefeated champion, standing 4", a member of the convolvulacaeae family.... sweet "not so sweet" potato!!!

Yes folks, I am getting back on that sweet orange horse and trying my hand, once again, at sweet potato fries
(those of you new to my long travails trying to make these can get caught up here). This recipe is courtesy Divya of Dil Se, which I'm trying out (aside from the fact that it is awesome) as a part of the Taste and Create blogger series, wherein bloggers share and blog about other people's recipes (Divya made my soft pretzels). To capture every exciting moment, I live blogged! Let's get in on the action, shall we?

6:40 - oven turns on, but I'm not sweating
6:43 - how are you supposed to know when the sweet potato is clean?
6:45 - this peeler is so unappealing (hahahahahaha)
6:48 - this is where I always get confused: how thick the fries? 3/4 inches? ooooh I am nervous
6:50 - sweet potatoes cut, my abs not so much
6:54 - interrupted shortly when my roommate came home, bringing me a copy of Lizzie's new book! sweet potatoes lie unnoticed
6:59 - in oven! moment of truth...
7:03 - mmmm goat cheese....
7:08 - is that smoke I smell? already?
7:13 - smoke smell getting stronger...
7:20 - time to flip!
7:22 - they don't look too terrible! Of course, they still have another 15-20 minutes to cook.
7:35 - ok. Phew. Taking them out of the oven...
7:40 - looking good, looking good... First taste... Ooh! Delicious! Hooray!
7:41 - roommate gives thumbs up. I feel vindicated. I have tamed the orange beast.



  1. Hi Kendall, glad you liked the recipe! Thanks for trying it out..

  2. Such a cute post! Those fries sound awesome right about now.