Happy Moanday: Busy Busy!

Well I have been scrimping on the posts, thanks to the summer uptick of work dropping onto my little lap, and sleep/food/rest deprivation has been putting a damper on updating the blog. And this week is no exception! With the holiday this weekend and people out on vacation, I've been takin' care of business, but I'm tired.

Part of that is from the cah-razy weekend I just had, where Dave and I ping-ponged between New York and New Jersey and back again. We visited my company picnic, gourging ourselves on free food and drinks (it was fun! We shot arrows and Dave beat someone in foosball and practiced surfing). I tried something quite delicious: Jamaican coco bread. It was so lovely, like eating a warm pillow made out of bread, and I think I'm going to try to replicate this week.

We (I) also went to a baby shower, thrown by Dave's sister-in-law's family. They are Italians and know how to cook and so I parked myself by the appetizers and didn't look back. Eventually, stuffed with delicious food and cake (luckily Jenna didn't go with a baby-shaped cake), we headed to Steve's house to watch soccer (the less said, the better). I fell asleep immediately and stayed that way until an unhappy Dave dragged me to the car and home. I got home so sleepy, warm, and lazy that I skipped dinner for a bowl of sherbet, turned on my fan, and fell asleep.

And now? I am ex-haus-ted, but still have to feed myself! It's a short week this week, and Dave will be coming to see me Wednesday, so I might do something light today and tomorrow, then something nice and hearty Wednesday night. Coco bread is a strong possibility (maybe with some soup?), and I've been hankering for some homemade ravioli for a couple weeks now. And, of course, it's the Fourth of July this weekend! Bring on the rocket ice pops, red-white-and-blue pie, and potato salad. I'll be at the shore with Dave's family, trying to avoid a sunburn and not be so completely stuffed with delicious food that I can't roll over (not like that's happened before...).

Plus, the sun is out! Hooray!

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