Happy Moanday: Back in Business

After a few weeks of leftovers and flu-related laziness, I'm ready to get back in action. My fridge is empty but my spirits are high, and I'm thinking of making some fancy food (or as fancy as I get).

This is another shortened week for me, though, since I'm taking the day off Friday to visit Dave (for my birthday!). I'm probably either going to make salmon-potato croquettes or shrimp linguine, which will likely get me through the week (how do I survive on one meal a week? Office takes care of breakfast and lunch and meals made for 4-6 people can usually last me a couple of days).

I'm thinking also of getting myself a cookbook. Generally I'm not so much a fan of cook books, being more in favor of gathering recipes from near and far, but I'm interested in Mark Bitman's How to Cook Everything (ummm, birthday present?) since I think he's an interesting, non-pretentious, healthful chef. I find cookbooks a little intimidating, the hundreds of recipes just waiting for you to not cook them, but it's nice to have something tangible to use, rather than my tomato-sauce-splattered laptop.

So, food shopping this afternoon, birthday this weekend!

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