Happy Moanday: Has the Flu

Just last week I was bragging about how I have gone months, months without any sort of illness. I've maybe suffered through the occassional stuffed nose or scratchy throat, but nothing requiring me to take medicine, carry around tissues, or curl up whimpering into ball. Yes, I was doing good all the way up to getting on the 2:30 Megabus from Boston to New York yesterday when, at the worst possible moment(s), I got hit with the flu. Repeatedly. In a moving bus. For 5 hours. (If any of my fellow travelers ever read this, sincerest apologies. Also, to the girl sitting next to me who gave me a handful of cough drops to suck on after my 4th trip to the bathroom: thank you, you were very lovely to me and I would have said all this myself if it wasn't so important to keep my mouth shut).

So, I've called in sick today and I'm currently dividing my day between sleeping, shuffling to the bathroom, and trying out progressively more complex food in the hope my body doesn't reject them (I'm up to pita chips!). Happy Moanday will be resumed at a later date, assuming I don't have to crawl out to the grocery store on my hands and knees to scavange for some soup/Thermaflu...

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