Happy Moanday: Snow Day!

It is one of the worst parts of being an adult that you don't have snow days. Today I woke up and staggered through the 6 inches already outside my apartment, deeply envious of grade school kids. Snow in New York City today are apparently supposed to reach "Are you kidding?" levels. But! It's Monday, I have no food, and I still have to scavenge for myself as my neighbors begin construction on a complicated series of snow tunnels, so, on to groceries!

Admittedly, my weekly grocery trips have been a little pathetic lately. Since I don't usually spend the weekends in my apartment, and one meal can generally feed me for a week, and it's COLD, I've been sort of lax with the whole shopping/cooking thing. Not that I have anything against soup or chili, especially as they are easy, cheap, and warm, but I'm getting antsy to try new things (my parents would be shocked). I'm also starving, since I got home late last night and decided for sleep instead of dinner. I am dreeeaming of creamy sauces, tangy salads, filling beef...

On the agenda this week:

-I think I'll finally try some chimichurri steak, since I'll need to start preparing for a life post-Border after Dave moves from Boston

-It being Lent and me being Catholic, it's time for me to pull out my shrimp and fish recipes. Last year I pan-fried, baked, and sauteed up a storm. I make a very nice lemon shrimp, but I think this year I might branch out a little more

-And I am going to go a little healthier, I think. Meaning salads (le sigh)

Also, I'm going to try to get more regular columns in during the week: comfort food, counter intelligence, and the Incompetent Chef, and start getting back into the rythm of cooking at least one fancy meal a week. Assuming, you know, I don't get lost in a snowdrift...

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