Happy Moanday: No Groceries!

I have Friday off! This is exciting for several reasons:

1) Friday off! Woohoo!
2) Going to Boston a day earlier!
3) Don't have to go grocery shopping!

It's true! What with heading out Thursday afternoon and the 3/4 of Sunday's meal still cooling in my fridge, I am all kinds of stocked up for the week. So rather than looking for recipes and planning out my weekly meals, I can bask in leftover Spanish chicken for at least two more days. For the last meal, I may make myself my amazing grilled-cheese sandwich, since I have both loads of cheese and the bacon needed to produce cooking grease. I'm also testing out frosting for this weekend's St.Paddy's Day party (I am making shotglass cupcakes--more on this later), which necessitated baking some cupcakes.

So, Spanish chicken, grilled cheese, cupcakes--a week of delicious and healthy (for the soul) food!

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