Happy Moanday: Beat the Heat

It's the last week in August and you know what that means: all the mid-winter's longings for warm breezes and sultry nights have collapsed in the reality of choking humidity and heat rash. After spending another night tossing and turning between my two dueling fans, cursing my landlords for maintaining that air conditioning is "not essential," I'm done with summer--done! Bring on September and fall, cool breezes, turning leaves, candy corn in Rite Aide (actually I think they start putting that out in May).

Yes, soon I will trade light fish and chicken meals (paired with some ice-cold lemonade) for hearty stews and chilis, warm dinners with thick rolls, hot chocolate on the weekends... sounds lovely, right?

Not that I'm upset with summer, but really. Last weekend Dave and I went down to the beach again (we managed to beat the traffic both ways, which was really quite impressive). We went out for seafood and I had lobster, something I rarely order in restaurants because they usually ask for your 401k to pay for it (admittedly, would not take much of a hit). It was delicious, if a bit tougher and less elegant than the way I usually eat it (nestled on a bed of fetticine alfredo oh heaven). Our beach plans were put on hold by Hurricane Bill, but we had a lovely visit from some old friends and I got to tell the engagement story again (I started noticing a lot of people saying things like "Now I need the real story from you," probably because when they'd ask Dave how the proposal went he'd say "Success!"). Saturday night was another epic mini-golf battle between Dave and Chris (they talked it up for about the past 6 months), where we were plagued by gnats and fake fog. We skipped ice cream at one of Avalon's many eateries for margaritas in pajamas, watched some ESPN (I was outnumbered), and went to bed.

And now, I am gearing up for Dave's last week on the east coast and the last week of summer (although my schedule will change, like, not at all). Dave will be spending three and a half days with me this week, a lovely change from the 48 hours in which we usually cram our relationship face time, and then we head beachward again for a "meet the in-laws" weekend with our parents.

For this week, I'm spoiled with visits from Dave and, hopefully, meet-ups with some college/high school friends before they head off to their respective universities. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking of switching to a healthier diet, something more plant and less starch-based (that roaring cheer in the distance is from my parents). That will probably have to wait a little while, though, because Dave and I are getting lunch together today, and then Evie is coming to Astoria, and then Dave and I are having a Central Park Shake Shack picnic on Wednesday (oooh so excited!), and I also just bought another 3lb tub of sherbet, and really my bursting fat cells should just rejoice.

Besides, it is easy to feel like I've just run a marathon when I'm sprawled out on my bed, panting and sweating half my body weight simply from walking up the stairs. Summer! Like an exercise in itself!

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