I'm Getting a Fancy New Dishwasher!

By which I mean, I am engaged! Yes, dear readers, my sweet kiddo finally popped the question while we were hiking in the mountains in Spain, in a lovely field of wildflowers that would not look out of place in a Disney movie. I am absolutely thrilled, and not just because I will no longer be cooking for one, will get to sample wedding cakes, and will have someone to wash my dishes.

Unfortunately the married life will be far off, as Dave is Chicago-bound for school and I am in New York clinging to the last media job left in the world. Still, I'm pleased with my bling and Dave and I have spent the last two weeks raising the roof calling each other "fianceeeh, hooooh, heeeey, hoooh!"

So what does this mean for the blog? Nothing! It is just a bit of good news I wanted to share with my small (but loyal?) band of readers (hello!). To celebrate, please enjoy this riDICulous wedding cake from Charm City Cakes, which is amazing and gorgeous and so far out of my budget it has actually sprouted wings and flown off, like a lovely, custard-filled dream...

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