Happy Moanday: Is it Friday Yet?

Ever have those weeks where you wake up and it's Monday morning and the very first thing you think of is how long it is until the weekend again? Yeah, me too.

After a relaxing weekend with friends and (future) family, I had a long and exhausting trip home, which has left me worn-out and low-down for the start of an unfortunately very busy work week. Maybe it's allergies? End of summer blues? Post-vacation let down?


I did at least have a nice weekend with Dave's family, where we made delicious fudge (about which more will be posted later). And despite post-vacation let down, there are still a slew of Spanish recipes hiding out in my computer, just waiting to be blogged about. And I've been partnered with Alisa of One Frugal Foodie for this month's Taste and Create session, so be on the lookout for some frugal food!

Plans are to recreate this week's La Cocina Espanol recipe, entrecot con queso cabrales, with American ingredients, partly because it's delicious and partly because I forgot to take photos the first time around (I also came up with a new theory regarding pan-frying steak that I want to try out). And I want to try something refreshing and delicious, like maybe a chilled soup or ice-cold fish dish, seeing as it is humid as Hades in my apartment (only in New York City is air conditioning considered "non-essential"). So here's hoping some delicious meals this week will save me from exhausted, worn-out, depressing drudgery, woohoo!

(or I might just go home and eat ice cream all week, counting down the seconds until the weekend...)

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