Happy Moanday: No, Now I'll Talk About Spain

Phew. Lo siento, kiddies. For some reason I thought I would actually have the gumption to write many, many Spain posts while still unpacking my luggage, announcing my engagement to the world, and filling in for someone at work. Well, optimism always was my best quality...

Yes, rather than lovingly recounting my favorite Spanish gastronomic memories, I spent my week picking over my smelly and wrinkly clothes (I'll clean it up soon, I promise), spending long hours at work, and replying back to well-wishing friends and family. Thankfully, this week should be much, much easier, starting off and finishing up with visits from my lovely fiance. I actually already have two Spanish posts in the tube, just waiting for the finishing touches (and pictures, recipes) before I post them, so stay tuned (browsed?)!

Dave and I just got back from Boston, where we celebrated our engagement with some friends and family and were treated to free ice cream, beers, and various other delicious things. We also visited the Border Cafe (!!!) and I sunk into a happy stupor of chimichurri steak and pastelitos (better even than I remembered...). Some day, oh some day I will recreate those recipes... The next day we swam a little in Walden Pond before getting some pizza (meat lover's) and ice cream (vanilla with cookies + chocolate with caramel). I stuffed myself with both, unawares that we were later heading out for beers and BBQ with Dave's soccer friends (hi Nate! I told you I would mention you here!). I went with a few sliders, which even then had me so full I could have rolled out of the bar. We topped off our weekend of delicious/unhealthy eating with a visit to Kimball's! I had a hot dog and some seriously delicious waffle fries (we spent a good 10 minutes discussing how they get their distinctive shape) before the requisite ice cream (I wisely eschewed the hot fudge, whipped cream sundae for a simpler cookie dough cone with sprinkles). And now I am fat, happy, and ready to eat things not deep fried and/or made of pure sugar.

This week, I'm hoping to get back into cooking new things and eating well (last week's meals--chicken tikka masala and lemon salmon with fetticine alfredo were delish but predictable), as well as getting my rear in gear and attending to the various tasks and errands I should have done last week (also: plan a wedding). I may try the chicken in white sauce recipe on the frying pan, which may or may not be successful, and a nice, light salad or pasta dish.

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