Happy Moanday: Cupcake Binge

Oh Moanday. I woke up today, as usual with Mondays, feeling a little blech. Unfortunately, this feeling had less to do with the typical Monday morning fatigue (bleary eyes, droopy head) and more with the quarter pound of pure sweet sugar I had ingested 5 minutes before bedtime last night. I'm only now recovering from the taste of sugar in my mouth, just in time to think it would be a good idea to eat another Penguin cupcake.

But, cupcakes being cupcakes and not being, like, food you can live off of, I have to scavenge for something else. We still have half a container of lasagna in the fridge, cooling along with the rest of the leftover tomato sauce (Dave said I killed it because I forgot to add water at a crucial moment. I say he can eat the canned stuff). Not to mention Dave's visit until Tuesday and my plans to be Boston-bound on Friday leave me with only 2 nights where I would conceivably cook myself something. My grocery bills being drastically inflated by Stop n' Shop's artisan cheeses (they get you every time...), I might be looking at the tired chef's last resort: pizza.

So! I will attempt to live off my leftovers this week, rationing off each precious parcel of lasagna and pizza and Penguin ("healthy" eating be damned) like an Arctic explorer (except cupcake penguin not real penguin. note: did explorers eat penguin?). Happy Moanday will return next week when, presumably, I'll be on a cupcake hangover looking for some brocolli/hard-core fiber.


  1. The Penguins are awsome! Thanks:)

  2. You're welcome! Eventually, once I've regained use of my tastebuds, I'll have another one.