Happy Moanday: Under the (snowy) Weather

Oh Monday (I know it's Tuesday but work with me, here). Happy Moanday is a day late since I spent yesterday curled up coughing and sniffling where I eventually retreated to my old mistress (mister?) Mac n Cheese. I did try to spice it up with some Gruyere, feta, and pepper, but I can still recognize a failure.* Anyway, on to my weekly chart-o-groceries!

Being not-so-feeling good, I'm leaning more towards soup this week, although last week's forays into soup a la The New York Times have left me as vulnerable and broken-hearted as a country singer. I do have some soup standbys, including my absurdly easy/delicious tomato-basil soup, but I may also try to branch out. I'm feeling some seafood also this week, so I may pick up some shrimp, and Dave coming to visit me this weekend means I'll be in New York for the next two weeks and won't have to consume everything in a 3-day period before sprinting off for the weekend.

So...maybe something big that I can reheat a lot? Maybe some baking? The NYT has been woefully sparse in their recipes, distracted as they are by something going on in Washington with some guy with big ears and a funny name.

I think I'll try a recipe I found for Italian Wedding soup (the first time I had it was at Steve and Jenna's wedding. Aw.). Maybe also some secret Toniatti family tomato sauce, which Dave made me swear not to put online unless it was heavily encrypted, despite the fact that anyone reading this blog probably already has the recipe. Possibly also some sweet potato souffle (I was very impressed with the supermarket sweet potatoes). I also do technically have about a gallon of uneaten soup, which I think has more of a future as a paperweight than dinner...

So, the agenda for this week:
Italian Wedding Soup
Sweet Potato Souffle and/or Sweet Potato Fries (part deux)
Rolls and/or Naan
Salmon and/or shrimp
with some Toniatti Sauce and homemade lasagna for the weekend.

Go team!

*I hope you have by now been convinced that the appeal of this blog is more my scintillating wit than my prowess in the kitchen...

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