Four Months and One Day!

I don't know how I missed this, but happy four months! Yes, I will almost need two hands to talk about how long I have been idling posting my thoughts about steak, cupcakes, and pasta (and not a single salad in the whole blog! Amazing!).

Let's recap:
This month was big for me, having finally worked out (some) of the many bugs that routinely plague the blog and posted the new layout. Luckily, Blogger hasn't yet quite exploded with the various little tweaks and features I've changed to the standard Blogger templates, but I guess the year is still young? Still working on a few things, and no doubt I will soon want to give the look another overhaul, but for now I am happily tossing away my CSS books.

The blog is getting onto a lovely little schedule now, and I've been dutifully planning out my week of posts. Some are limited by time/money/expense/people, but with some forethought, I should be able to show off some new fancy features. The plan is a new post every day, which may be somewhat difficult (I do have an actual paying job, people), but what's life without challenges?

I also finally got myself a new camera (yet to make its fancy-feature debut) and have a guest blogger lined up for the weekend! (PS If you're interested in taking a guest-blogging spin and/or writing a/some features, let me know! It has to be about food. Mostly.)

As for the months ahead:
Look for more updates on features!
I will be constructing a mini photo studio for prettier pictures!
More foodie cartoons!
Plus! a T-Shirt giveaway is in the works!

Here's hoping the next four months will have twice as many posts with half the bugs, and the cupcakes will outweigh the salads by 10 to one!

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