Oh Monday. Oh Moanday. Today was one of those days where I woke up already tired and cold and hungry and wishing it were the afternoon or weekend. Part of that is because Mondays are always a little tough (my whole team at work gets progressively more cheerful as the week goes on, meaning although by Friday we are cracking jokes and sharing brownies, on Monday we are like individual little thunder clouds), and part of that is because I rolled into my apartment late last night after a 6-hour bus ride. It was too late and I was too tired to make any dinner (I ended up eating a two-inch block of cheddar cheese. I know...).

Other than that, though--things are great! I spent the weekend in Boston, eating too much and lazing around with Dave, which was nice. As usual, come Saturday night, when we'd planned on making cupcakes (by "we" I mean "me"), we were full and exhausted and decided to call it a night (I wanted to wake up early and make them Sunday, but Dave, my taste-tester, vetoed). Speaking of cupcakes, though, I did manage to visit the new cupcake shop in Harvard Square, which is exactly where a cupcake shop needs to be (overstressed students in need of a sugar binge? Please. People were freebasing frosting in there). Although I didn't get one, I was impressed with the sweet little dollops of frosting, the cheerful and minimalistic decor, and the vibrant reds of their red velvet cupcakes (Dave had to drag me out).

I also finally, finally! got myself a new camera, a purchase at least a year in the making. It is a terrific little Canon point-and-shoot and takes beeeautiful photos of food (I tested it out at the Indian place where we had lunch and was oohing and aahing over the bright, pure colors and perfect little details). I am hoping, finally, to be able to take pictures of my dinner where the meats don't look tired and sad. Oh dreams.

As for this week: it is figid and unpleasant in New York, where hot and humid rainy weather has been traded for clear and cold. I am shivering and wishing for something warm and lovely, which is making me think sweet potatoes. Although they are more appropros for fall, they are warm and comforting and I've been craving them for a week. I have an idea for a goat-cheese topped sweet potato fritter and also have a months-old recipe I've been wanting to try for homemade sweet potato ravioli (I may mix it up with some regular ravioli as well).

Plans are to head home to New Jersey this weekend, meaning I'll just need one more meal. I may unfreeze the tomato soup in my freezer, paired with my famous grilled cheese, or get something simple like panko-fried chicken or lime shrimp. We shall see...

Image of Sleepy Chilly Ice Bat, which I never heard of before until I Google Image searched "sleepy chilly"


  1. Where is it? Cupcakes in Harvard Square = brilliant. Now if only we could get some good stores instead of all the banks.

  2. Sweet Cupcakes! It's right between Tealuxe and Curious George's, where that fancy pen place used to be. For real about all the banks, though.