Happy Moanday: Memorial Day in Boston!

I am writing from sunny Boston, sitting on Dave's bed and dreaming about the cupcakes we (I) made last night. They were soooo good and will be posted soon (tomorrow). Dave is running around cleaning his room while I blog and upload photos from our very lovely weekend. And it was lovely! We had a picnic on the porch on Friday night (takeout from Border, of course) and on Saturday we went to Kimball's--a little farm in Concord with mini golf and pitch n putt and bumper boats and obscenely large sundaes. It was wonderful and, high on sugar, we ran over to Fenway to watch the Mets crush the Red Sox in the last inning (we went with Nate--hi Nate!--which was good because Dave doesn't like being distracted watching baseball and I could usually care less and so Nate and I just chatted for a few hours). We spent yesterday lazing around the house, making cupcakes, and now I'm all packed, ready to grab a quick bite to eat and then hop hop onto the bus!

This upcoming week I'll only be in New York for three nights, since Dave and I are shore-bound Friday afternoon. Depending on the weather and my mood, I'm probably going to get something light and summery--like salmon or a fresh salad--and maybe try out a few recipes. I am dismayed to learn that I can't even grill on my little balcony outside my apartment, since you need to be at least 10 feet from the building. Boo. A whole book's worth of grilling recipes sent to the trash can... But! I might try to see if there are any ways to get around grilling, so get ready for a summer of trying out the broiler and fiddling with the stove top. True, it will lack the smokey flavor and chummy atmosphere of grilling, but hopefully the spirit will remain in tact.

And now, on to New York!

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