Happy Moanday: Whine Flu

I was all set to write a lovely little post about this potato-tomato gratin I found that I wanted to try, when I got the cah-raziest stomach cramps while at work. Since the last time this happened, I ignored it and ended up puking every mile of the trip from Boston to New York, I figured it was best to duck out of work early and save whatever potential sickness for my litte bathroom, rather than the decent and hard-working R line (sorry if you are just visiting the blog for the first time. My posts are not usually so vomit-filled).

And now, hours later, my stomach is rumbling but not so much beset by stabbing pains, which I consider a step up? I'm reconsidering that gratin and wondering what caused my early-morning stomach pain (I doubt last night's dinner of pasta and fried egg had much to do with it, although that Snapple tasted funny...).

Anyway, fingers crossed that I can actually get out of bed and out of my sweatpants and before a stove to try out these recipes. I'm excited for the new iteration of Res-o-puh-leese (special post on this coming soon!), and already have the week planned out for what I will post about. I'm back to Boston this Friday, assuming I don't come down with swine flu and have to be quarantined, which means it'll be just four nights of meals this week.

On the agenda:
-I'm hopeful this gratin works out, and, since the two weeks' ago August in April seems to have fizzled out in an anti-climatic creeping fog and chill rain, some soup to warm me bones.
-It's Cinco de Mayo this week! (this post was going to be called "Quatro de Mayo" before the aforementioned sickness) I'm thinking of celebrating with some chimichurri steak, homemade tortilla chips (which seem to be frightfully easy), and margaritas.
-And, Stef, of the Cupcake Project, is hosting a contest, along with the folks at Scoopalicious, for ice cream cupcakes! I love a good creative cupcake, and have many ideas percolating in my brain. I'm thinking of trying them out in Boston this weekend, an idea of which Dave is a fan, and I'll let you know how they turn out!

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