Happy Moanday: Out and About

Phew! I am tiiired (again!). I had a busy busy weekend, which seems likely to be followed by a busy busy week. Dave and I went to my parents' house this weekend (Dave surprised me by coming a day early!), where we sampled local Northern New Jersey fare (Frank's pizza) and enjoyed my mom's cooking (surf n turf Friday, lobster linguine Saturday). We had a very lovely time, and I even took Dave to shoot my old bow (I am an erstwhile archery champ), where he only broke one arrow. On Sunday, we headed back into the city for the AIDS walk, stopping about half a mile before the finish line because we were passing by Shake Shack and we were hungry. We finally made it home, only to completely collapse in a post- Shake Shack/6.2 mile walk/good weekend exhaustion.

As for posts comin' up, I am still working on a schedule that will have me posting regularly. Weekends, which I typically spend on a bus and Internet-less, can be hard, and I'm envisioning planning several days ahead... I am very, very late in posting Steve's wonderful account of homebrewing, partially because I plan to put it up on a Sunday, when it's hard for me to get Internet, and partially because I'm still working on a nice new graphic to go along with it. This Sunday, I promise, Steve!

This week in food my grocery list might be conveniently short, as I'm planning on getting goodbye dinners with friends. Evie is off to wherever good little law students head off to for the summer, while my two lovely roommates are moving out for good (I hope the new roommates like cupcakes!). I'm off to Boston for the long weekend, where Dave and I are planning to start the first leg of our "So Long, Boston" tour. On the books: a Saturday night Sox game (with Nate!), a visit to Kimball's Farm (with ice cream!), and a trip to the aquarium (with...fish?). I'm also going to finally whip up some cupcakes, which I plan to enter into The Cupcake Project/Scoopalicious's Annual Ice Cream Cupcake Contest. Last weekend, I tested one potential idea. It did not go great and Dave ate the mistakes. But! This is why you test these things, right? I am still tweaking recipes and mixes, but I'm hopeful that it will turn out all right and my new lovely camera will do wonders to showcase the results.

For eating!:
It is still freezing like no one's busnatch here, meaning I want something hot and delicious. Maybe some soup? Paired with a sandwich? And/or salad?
Or I might go big or go home, whip up some Toniatti sauce, and do a meatball sub or lasagna (still have lots of leftover won-ton wrappers from ravioli-making). Mmmm...Toniatti sauce...

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