Happy Moanday: Happy Ground(beef)hog Day!

Happy Moanday is a weekly column wherein I reluctantly undertake the job of deciding what I'm going to make for myself this week. Last week I was all cupcake frosting and frozen pizza, but I'm back. Kinda.

Yes it's Groundhog Day! Being a fan of Bill Murray and little furry animals, I have always had a soft spot for groundhogs, which, essentially pillows with legs, always seemed nice (except when they're asleep and you wake them up by throwing corn at them and sticking your hand into their house. Then you get your hand bitten off, even if you are mayor of New York).

Last week I admittedly copped-out in the whole groceries department, since Dave and I had leftovers Monday and Tuesday and I was leaving for Boston on Friday. Also, I rebalanced by budget, and while I'm not technically impoverished (sweet!), I think artisan cheese and brand-name meat is out of reach for the next month(s). So! I'm back to my little grocery and back to eating (comparatively) healthy things. Dave is visiting this weekend again, and while I'm taking advantage of New York Restaurant Week (with the price fix? prix fixe? prece fixxe? whatever), we're both poor enough that I think our romantic weekend will be spent spooning Spaghetti-Os out of a paper cup (not that there's anything wrong with that).

So, in honor of Phil and Chuck and all the other less-famous hogs out there, here's the fourth Happy Moanday (boy the weeks are just flying by), Groundhog edition:

Mom's chili -- which uses ground beef chuck
Tomato-basil soup -- which uses vegetables grown in the ground
Zucchini pasta with shrimp -- will phil you up

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