Happy Month Uno!

One month ago today I was struck by the desire to carve out my own little corner of the I-net neighborhood, and "Res-o-puh-leese" was born. Sure, I had my detractors. Those who wondered if my recipes would poison someone, if I would get sued, if I was taking this "a little too far" (ahem). To which I say NOT EVEN FAR ENOUGH!

(assuming I don't wimp out and lose interest...)

What to look forward to in month numero 2?
  • Guest features on home brewing and lessons learned from catering!
  • Foodie experiments!
  • Uses for food other than, you know, food!
  • Interviews with the best and brightest food-writers out there (or those who will answer my emails...)!
  • A new site layout and nicer, crisper, and more delectable pictures!!!

To celebrate the one month anniversary of the site, I'm giving you, all my readers, cupcakes.* Enjoy, and keep reading!

*The giving of cupcakes refers to the gift of you reading the word "cupcakes" and does actually entitle anyone to a real life cupcake, edible or no. Sorry folk(s)

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