Spotlight On: Cake Wrecks

Ok, so. I've had my mishaps when it comes to cake-making. There was the molten cake episode, of course. The thoracic-cavity-themed cake for the Halloween party (fondant melted, white chocolate ribs fell apart, forgot the corn syrup for edible blood...). And the time a few years ago I tried to bake a cake for my mom and accidentally misspelled birthday (wow. I actually just spelled it "brithday" right there. Way to go, spellcheck). The one thing I can take comfort in, however, is that at least I don't inflict my cake mistakes on poor, innocent civilians.

Enter "Cake Wrecks," a blog by Jen devoted to professional cakes that are accidentally rife with misspellings, sexual innuendos, missed directions, and bizarre interpretations to hilarious, frightening, and confusing result.

My favorite are the ones where the directions for the cake and the end result somehow got lost in translation. Like the person who brought in a USB drive with a photo of her boss and said she wanted the photo on her cake...and instead got a giant USB drive.

And of course the accidentally sexual ones, like the fireman holding a flesh-colored fire hose.

Although the ones that actually make me incredibly sad are the wedding cakes, where the beautiful and elegant cakes couples picked out are contrasted with the misshapen, shrunken, and absurdly-decorated results (that last bride actually sued. right on.).

Perhaps foreseeing the burnout and depression that would come from seeing too many cakes gone awry, Jen started including entries under "Sunday Sweets," which highlight some of the best cakes and cupcakes out there. They are amazing, and hunger/jealousy-inducing.

Cakes are broken up into categories like Creepy Cakes, Just LOLs, and Mithspellings, and the best thing to do is troll around the site. Also, learn how to bake your own cake before you get married...

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