Happy Moanday: Hug a President Day

I have the day off! This is wonderful, and hasn't happened since January 2. I celebrated by staying up until almost 1 o'clock and then sleeping in past 11. Which sounds sort of tame except when you think that, on my normal schedule, that's like sleeping from 6a.m. to 4p.m. Anyway, now that I am finally showered, dressed, and sitting somewhere other than my bed (where I have been delightfully lazing for the past 24 hours), I'm ready to get some eats.

I'm thinking of cooking up my famous-amos big Indian dinner, since 1) it's cold out and Indian food is warm, 2) also delicious, 3) I did nothing all weekend and it would be nice to redeem myself, and 4) I ate nothing all weekend--except for Giant Cupcake!--and I couldn't eat Indian food because I was staying with Evie and she, by her own admission, is a fan of bland food (a fanbland, if you will).

While it's likely Indian food + leftovers will carry me through the week, I might try some other things out as well, including beginning a new column wherein I try out Spanish food in preperation for my and Dave's 2-week Spanish adventura this summer. Although, for most of that time we'll be staying in a village with less than 400 people, in a remote cabin in the mountains, so presumably we will be forced to eat whatever local fare the folks there manage to cook up (it's exciting! I'm guessing lots of beef, cheese, veggies...).

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