Happy Moanday: More Soooup!

Despite the lovely breath of spring air over the weekend, the 4 quilts on my bed are sign enough that winter is still solidly here (although tell that to the hopeful ice cream truck currently circling my neighborhood). Combine that with the crazy new job changes (helloooo sleepless stress!), being without boyfriend for 3 solid weeks, and the three-day weekend coming around the bend, and my plans for feeding myself consist mostly of lying in the fetal position and just sort of hoping I get nutrition (like a fetus! ...weird...).

So, to keep my spirits up and grocery bill down, I'm turning again to soup, that lovely meal-in-a-bowl that is cheap, invigorating, warming, and easy to prepare. I already have some delish tomato-basil soup in my stummy now (also cold salmon from the weekend. sooo goood), and I'm thinking I'll get Italian Wedding soup back in rotation when I run out. Then, this weekend I am traipsing off to Evie's house for girl time and Giant Cupcake(s), which should hopefully get my finances reined in and not drain me too much before I head out to my Dilbert cubicle.

I'm hoping, once spring/summer gets here, and/or my landlords turn up the heat, that I'll get back into experimenting with new recipes. As it is, it's so cold in my house now that I'm considering starting a grease fire (don't try this at home kids!) just so I have something over which to thaw my fingers (aside from type-typing).

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