Happy Moanday: Uh Yerr WELCOME!

Oh Monday again. I have to admit folks, the last few weeks have been tough. My computer, beaten and battered piece of junk that it is, came down with a virus (somehow...), and I've spent the past several days unhappily attempting to remove it. Sitting in front of an uncooperative computer for several hours a day, after sitting at another computer for 8 hours a day, will surprisingly drain out what little energy remains, and so I've been mostly despondent and frustrated lo these many days (things might have been thrown...). Even worse, the fancy-dancey anti-spyware program I sprang for the last time I tangled with a virus was mostly malfunctioning and mostly completely failing, leading me to feel both annoyed and ripped off. Today, almost 2 weeks after said virus started cozying into my hard drive, I actually managed to speak to a human being, who proceeded to berate me and my dumb computer a la Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy.

Another fruitless 2 hours later he left me with some instructions to try and was like "Fingers crossed ok bye!" Leaving me cold and alone with only the virus, who at this point was so comfy in my computer that it was like walking around in only underwear and getting its Netflix sent here. But! I supposedly have a little brain on my little shoulders, and I used it, to self-satisfying effect, to just remove the virus myself. Yes folks, I packed it's little bags and threw it out onto the porch as some sad violin music played. Hasta la vista!

What does any of this have to do with food? Not much, except to say that after feeling so depressed it was all I could do to keep from curling up with half a dozen Cadbury Creme Eggs, I now feel vindicated, rejuvenated, and invigorated. It is a nice feeling, and it makes me want to eat good food (also talk smack to the anti-spyware people). It's also comforting to note that I'll have more energy at the end of the day, meaning I'll have more energy to cook, meaning more recipes! See how everything's connected? Very good.

Tonight (and probably for most of this week), I'm doing soup, specifically my mom's bo-mazing Manhattan Clam Chowder that I managed to snag a gallon of (for reals). I'm whipping up some dinner rolls to go with, and things should be fairly light. I also have to clean out my fridge, since it contains remnants of dinners I blogged about several weeks ago... So, projects!

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