Happy Moanday: Busy Week!


Much apologies for the almost-week-long-delay. I promise, an absence of posts does not mean an absence of the blog, since I am busy-busy at work on the new layout. After beta-testing the new blog with a cross-section of users (aka Dave's family), I am hopeful to roll out Res-o-puh-leese 2.0 by next week! I've been holding off on some blog posts until then, in the hopes to make a nicer impression on future devoted readers, so stay tuned! (browsed?)

Anyway. I am busy this week not just with the blog but with my real life (job). I'm filling in this week for someone on vacation, meaning longer hours and more resposibility (someone asked me if this position made me the boss of anyone and I said "Yes. Me."). And, likely, less time/energy for blogging. But, I am here a full week, heading out this Friday to Boston (and Flight of the Conchords!), so cooking will, hopefully, be done.

Last weekend I whiled away the hours at the beach with the Toniattis, where we feasted on Toniatti tomato sauce (and later meatball subs) and daisy cupcakes. It was lovely to relax and cook in a big, beautiful, sunlit kitchen (not that I have anything against my stain-splattered home cookery), and I ate well.

As for this week's meals, last night Dave and I stopped to get something to eat in New York before he left for Boston, and I stopped at the Tick-Tock Diner (cute name, ok food), and I still have most of my Mac n Cheese cooling in the fridge.* I may finish it, especially since I am ex-haus-ted and cooking/shopping seem only laughable dreams. For the rest of the week, I'm thinking the chill in the air and my slightly worsening sore throat means a soup week, perhaps my famous Boo-Hoo-Flu Soup. And, I very much want to try out some recipes from my cooking for two book, although perhaps that will have to wait until this weekend.

Other news: it is the day after Easter, meaning Cadbury Creme Eggs are 50% off! I plan on handily raiding my local Rite-Aid and storing them B.J. Novak-style.

*We went to the Tick-Tock Diner after stopping into a TGI Friday's that was all bad news bears. Normally I am not too picky about service in super touristy/chain places--this being near the greatest tourist destination in the world, Times Square--but I was surprised that on Easter Sunday at 5:30 we still had to wait for a table. The wait was quick enough, but we were suprised and grossed out by the astronomical calorie counts--which New York requires restaurants to post--and the sky-high prices. For example: a strip steak clocked in at more than 1900 calories and $24--more than I eat/spend in a whole day. Even an appetizer plate of mozerella sticks was more than $10, not to mention close to 1000 calories. We sat down for roughly 30 seconds, decided we didn't want to spend so much for such bad food, and booked across the street for Tick-Tock. There it was better, but not perfect: my mac n cheese + milkshake probably came in around 1000 calories, and cost about $15. What we really should have done was gone to my guys at Pizza Suprema, which is the absolute best pizza in New York, maybe the world. There will be a post on them soon, I promise.

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