Lazy Blogger

Yes, I know. My blog updates have, of late, been sporadic, with my only real achievement for the week having successfully fooled Steve into thinking I was going to be a TV stah (I should not talk, as I am the most terribly gullible person on the planet. It's something Ann Coulter and I have in common.).

But! Lest you think I've been doing nothing with my life except lazing in bed and watching Family Guy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know! A weakness. Joss Whedon had me at hello.), I have, in fact, been a busy little bee, working hard on the new layout for the blog. And after weeks, months of design tweaking and Googling all sorts of Blogger help sites and Dave forgetting to bring me my books on CSS again, I can now say with confidence and excitement that the end is indeed in site (ooooh, punnery...).

I am super excited to have come so far, and I can't wait to reveal the new blog (and throw this lime-green monstrosity into the Recycle Bin). As a little taste of things to come, check out the new header, designed, cartooned, and watercolored by me (scanned by Dave):

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