Wow!!! In a crazy, amazing twist, Top Chef has picked little ole me to appear as a contestant in the next season! I am absolutely thrilled! I got the call today and have been freaking out with excitement!! Me! On Top Chef! They said they loved my video application, wherein I designed, cooked, and modeled a pair of edible gloves (really just some stretched-out fruit roll-ups, but whatevs). The season starts taping next month so I have a lot to prepare! Do companies usually give time off for reality TV appearances? Should I get a makeover? Will America love me? These are the questions that I'm sure will be keeping me up at night. But, with every rainbow comes a little rain, meaning this blog will have to go offline for a while. Bravo is worried that I will be spilling my guts to my faithful reader(s), and so this will be the last post at least until the next season airs.

But, I can't thank everyone enough for being so supportive during these past few weeks, offering recipes, comments, and suggestions--THANK YOU! Look for me on your local Bravo TV station!!

oh you guys are so gullible. Happy April Food Day :)

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