Happy Moanday: No Spring!

In the fine tradition of New York weather being ri*dic*culous, it shot up past 80 degrees this weekend for the first time since last September. This, of course, after hovering in the 50s for the whole week. The warm snap is supposed to continue, hitting a high of 91 on Thursday before dropping back down to 50 for the weekend. So, apparently we're jumping straight from winter to summer? And spring is my favorite season...

Dave was in New York for the weekend and we took advantage of the lovely warm weather to picnic in Central Park, stroll through the Met, and get a double ice cream helping at Shake Shack and Pinkberry (which we both tried for the first time. Tasted good, fad-esque). We went home to soothe our sunburns and watch some 30 Rock before cooking up some lime shrimp (paired, natch, with margaritas). We got the recipe from my Cooking for Two book, but swapped shrimp for lobster after discovering (unfortunately) that neither my little fish shop nor the big Stop n Shop sell lobster (I like making lobster with Dave because, aside from the delicious taste, it's entertaining to watch Dave's moral struggle when confronted with dropping the lobster in the boiling water.).

This weekend Dave is visiting friends in Nashville (hi Nashvillians!) meaning I'll probably head to my parents' house for some home-cooked meals and 90's computer games (I always get killed by the bobcat in Oregon Trail III).

On the menu:
-Fetticine Alfredo, which Dave and I were going to make when we thought we were having lobster. It was nixed when we realized the taste would probably clash with the lime shrimp and then the next day when we fell into food comas just thinking about that much heavy cream and butter in 86-degree weather
-Shrimp, since we have extras. It might get paired tonight with my alfredo, or I might try some new recipes (throwing it on the barbie?)
-The last few meals I'll wait to see how the weather turns out. It's supposed to be fareezing later on, which could call for some soup, or, if the heat continues, something light and refreshing (salmon maybe? yogurt salad?).

In any case, I'm excited for this pseudo-spring and the meal opportunities it provides.

The new blog layout is sooo close to being done, just tweaking some final design bugs and adding the finishing touches. Barring disaster, expect it to be up by this weekend!

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