Happy Moanday: Easter Parade!

After my first five-day work week since March 2nd, it's nice to get back to working for only 4 days. I am delightedly heading beach-ward for the holiday weekend, relaxing with Dave and his family in Avalon. So far plans include fireplaces, beach runs, and the second season of Flight of the Conchords. Also, I can only imagine, many, many Cadbury Creme Eggs.

So, as usual when I only have a four-day work week, I only need to feed myself for three nights. I'm thinking of going Indian food, since I've been craving it since Dave said he was going to cook it for me for my birthday (sadly, didn't). It will keep me warm and cozy while this crazy weather works out whatever adolescent outrage is keeping it freaking freezing, and I usually make enough to keep me satisfied for a few days (plus, I can freeze it for a snack next week). I also got an amazing book from Dave's mom for my birthday about cooking meals for two people, about which I am stoked. So many of my meals end up as unappetizing leftovers, and I'm excited to try portion-appropriate dinners (I think Dave was supposed to be the intended other person, but as he said, I get to eat a good meal twice!).

After I come back from the beach I'll go back to 5-day work weeks, and the promise of spring and warm weather has me excited to try summer cooking--light fishes, delectable pastas, picnics, smoothies, and ice cream--so nice!

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